Check the Shadow Copies

Step 1: Go to the Properties of a Drive in Windows Explorer. Go to the Shadow Copies tab. Select a Drive and click Settings Make sure Shadow Copies is not utilizing high amount of disk space. Attempt to delete Snapshots by lowering the “Use limit” to 300 MB. Step 2: To delete the Snapshots, go […]

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Free up Disk Space using TreeSize

Using TreeSize Free edition, you can immediately see which folders and sub-folders are taking up the most hard disk space. Once you have that info, it’s a piece of cake to quickly free up hard drive space taken up by temp files or other useless data. TreeSize doesn’t even require any installation, you can just […]

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One of the largest blocks of space taken up on your hard drive will be the Windows Virtual Memory swap file.  This is the file that Windows uses to page available RAM.  This file can be 1x – 3x the size of the RAM installed on your system.  For best performance, it is often recommended […]

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In addition to moving your Temporary Internet Files, you should also consider moving the location of the %TEMP% folder in your User Profile that you cleared above.  This is an effective way to keep all temporary installation files from using the space on your system drive or taking up unnecessary space altogether. Moving your %TEMP% […]

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Windows has a built-in Disk Cleanup utility that you can use.  However, its automatic results are typically not as effective as manually cleaning files.   DELETING TEMP FILES The most effective way to clear space is to delete any and all temporary files not being used by Windows.  Windows does a lousy job of cleaning up […]

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Configuring HP Intregrated Lights – Out (iLO) – HP ProLiant server

HP ILO Management processors specially designed for HP Proliant servers which give a Virtualized system control to help simplify server setup, engage health monitoring and power and thermal control, and promote the remote administration of HP ProLiant ML, DL, and BL servers.   HP ILO Functions through a web console without additional software installation and functions regardless of […]

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Stop, Start, or Restart vCenter Server from Services.msc

Stop, Start, or Restart vCenter Server from services.msc   Problem This provides steps to stop, start, or restart vCenter Server services from services.msc. This may require for troubleshooting purpose,   Solution In vCenter Server 6.0, it is recommended to use the vSphere Web Client or Web client to stop, start, or restart vCenter Server and/or […]

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Error: “VSS Provider is not started or is not registered”

Problem: ShadowProtect cannot take a snapshot.  The error message is: VSS Provider is not started or is not registered. The StorageCraft Shadow Copy Provider service is not started, is disabled,  will not start, is not registered, and/or a 0x8004230f, or 0x800706ba error is seen in the ShadowProtect backup logs. Cause: When this error occurs, it is […]

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