Click on Backup Sets category under Configure option and click on Create New to create a New Backup set

Once we click on Create New, Backup Set Creation Wizard will open. Click on Next to continue

Select the suitable Backup Media (Tape, Disk, Removable Disk, Optical and etc.) which can be used to Backup Data. In this scenario, we select Disk as the Backup Media Type

Give a name for the New Backup Set. Here we give the name as “Backup Set_Test” and provide a backup location.

Select the appropriate security options for the Backup set under “Backup Set Security” option. Setup a password for the backup set if it is necessary according to our requirement

Change the backup drive details according to the requirement

Choose a location to save the Catalog file. The catalog file can be used to track what is in the backup set. For an example here we create the catalog file under below location

Click on next to complete the Backup Set Creation wizard

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