We have to add the members (Tapes) to the tape sets. To do that, select the correct tape set and click on properties to add the tapes

Select “Members” Tab and click on “Add” to add the necessary Tape set. For an example here we have selected Tape 2-TAPE D as a new member to the particular Tape set. Click on Add to complete adding the tape to the Tape set member. Note – At a time one tape can be added

Please refer below screen shot for more information. (Example- 1-TAPE D, 2-TAPE D, 3-TAPE D, 4-TAPE D, 5-TAPE D are members of TAPE D Tapes Backup set)

Go Manage Scripts under Automate category and select the correct script created for the particular Tape set. For Tape Set D we have to select the script “TAPE B and D (Transfer Backup Set)

Note: If we want to initiate the backup immediately (E.g 25/07/2017 Tuesday), check the current time (Assume current time is 13.10) and set the start time as 13:00 with the correct date. Please refer below screen shot

Since it is a manual full backup select the Action as “Recycle”

After initiate the backup manually go to Executing tab and check whether the backup execution is successful

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