HP ILO Management processors specially designed for HP Proliant servers which give a Virtualized system control to help simplify server setup, engage health monitoring and power and thermal control, and promote the remote administration of HP ProLiant ML, DL, and BL servers.


HP ILO Functions through a web console without additional software installation and functions regardless of the servers’ state of operation. Basic system board management functions, diagnostics, and essential Lights-Out functionality standard, with selected HP ProLiant 300/500/700 rack and tower servers, as well as selected HP ProLiant blade servers. This gives you more than just remote access to your OS, like with Remote Desktop

The HP ILO can be accessed from any location via a web browser and works hand-in-hand with HP Systems Insight Manager, Insight Control, and Insight Dynamics,
The following steps will help to configure ILO in HP Proliant Servers:

First,  locate the ILO Port at the back of the server and connect the network cable from the network.

  1. Press F8 at Post to enter BIOS ILO


  1. Configure a static IP for the ILO.On this page turn “DHCP Enable” to off as we’ll want to give the ILO a static IP address for easier access. Hit f10 to save.
    Go back to “Network” and this time select the first option “NIC and TCP/IP”.Under IP address, give your iLo a dedicated IP address and fill out the netmask and gateway. Hit F10 to Save

  1. After configuring the IP address you can also change the password in the same window.
  2. Save the settings, and log into any browser, and type the IP address of the ILO and it will give you the ILO window.
  3. Locate the HP Password tag that contains the default ILO password and settings information.

  1. Enter your product key in the provided boxes and save.

  1. You can now use the remote console. Select the “Remote Console” Tab at the top and click on “Integrated remote console” to start your session. (If you are using Firefox, select “Remote Console” to use the Java version.


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