ShadowProtect cannot take a snapshot.  The error message is:

VSS Provider is not started or is not registered.

The StorageCraft Shadow Copy Provider service is not started, is disabled,  will not start, is not registered, and/or a 0x8004230f, or 0x800706ba error is seen in the ShadowProtect backup logs.


When this error occurs, it is typically due to the ShadowProtect Shadow Copy Provider not being properly registered.  If the provider has previously been registered and working properly, and then ceases to do so, it is usually a sign that some outside influence may be causing problems on the system. Registry editors are discouraged by StorageCraft for this very reason. There have also been instances where Microsoft updates have caused the issue, or the ShadowProtect service gets flagged as a false positive by an anti-virus product.


  1. If the VSSProvider is not started:
    1. Go to StartRun > services.msc
    2. Right-click on the StorageCraft Shadow Copy Provider >Start
  2. If the service is disabled:                                                
    • . Right-click on the StorageCraft ShadowCopy Provider service.                                                
  1. Go to Properties
  2. Change the Startup type to Automatic
  1. If the VSS Providerwill not startis not registered, or the 0x8004230f and/or 0x800706ba error is seen:
    • . Open the Command Prompt
  1. StartRun > CMD
    1. For a 32-bit OS run: C:\Program Files\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect
    2. For a 64 BitOS run: C:\Program Files (x86)\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect
  • Run the following commands to stop, unregister, register and start the service: (These commands are case sensitive,)
    net stop vsnapvss
    vsnapvss.exe /unregister
    vsnapvss.exe /Service
    net start vsnapvss

Written by Shihan Suhail

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